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2:00 am right now. com rig. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to the glenn beck program. i'm judge andrew napolitano. tonight, glen looks at the takeover of america and more. all week he has been closing the case on arguments he made last year. the first segment of last night's show was interrupted by breaking news out of the white house. we wanted to play it for you in the entirety. the last critical piece of the puzzle, you need to understand what is being done. why it's being done. and how they're doing it. ♪ ♪ >> i want to start with a personal note. hello, america. i don't know if i've ever told you why i believe some of the things that i do or how i began my journey into believing what i do.
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it's funny the uber left tries to discredit me calling me a conspiracy theorist, because i've always made fun of conspiracy people. sometimes there are conspiracies and sometimes it's plain out in the open and you have to be willing to look at it. conspiracies aren't conspiracies when they're true and open. we have been closing the case this week on all of the things that we talked about last year. because we have to move on. we can't still sit here and say gee, i wonder if this is what they're doing. we have to move to the position of what are we going to do about it now? that's where we start next week. more and more americans are finding themselves where i am, in a place where you don't want to believe the stuff that you now do, even the stuff you would have thought a year ago was crazy now. but you do believe it. because you're honest with yourself.
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you promised yourself as i have to seek the truth, no matter how many times you think about it. now many how many times you think oh, my gosh, what does this mean to my future, the future to my children. if it makes me a pariah, so be it. it is the truth. not stuff i want to believe. but everything is in jeopardy. our children's future is at stake. do you believe that your children will be better off if things continue this way, that they will be better off than you are? for the first time in my life, i do not. quite honestly, every president has said it. our founders said it. america is the world's last and greatest hope. you don't really have a choice. but to deal with the facts as you find them. if you want to stand as a guardian of freedom. if you find those facts, and you don't like them, oh, well. so be it. they're the facts michigan daughter came to me about two
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years ago. i have always been kind of, you know, usa, usa kind of guy. i love this country. i love the founders. i tried to instill the values in my kids. well, when she decided she was going to go to college and she wanted to study ancient history, i said what? she said dad, i want to study history. i want to be indiana jones wou without the scary spiders and the whips. i said why don't you major in american history? she looked at me and this was like an arrow through my heart, she said dad, i can't. i don't, i don't think you really know american history. he said every time i look at it, it seems like the bad guys show up and then they win. i was broken-hearted. my daughter believed the lies that were being taught. i told her i was going to prove her wrong, she had been indoctrinated. a couple of years later and
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many, many, books and papers and conversation conversations esdreamed professors later, us -- esteemed professors later i discovered she was more right than i cared to believe. the founding of the country was miraculous. the industrial age gets a little dicey, and then the progressive era which has all but been erased from history changed everything. what really opened my eye eyes was this book. does it look boring as snot or what? given to me by robbie george, professor at princeton university, a very ropt respec professor. i started finding out about early american progressivism. he gave me this book. written by r.j. who is a friend of mine. wood row wilsoned a the roots of modern liberalism. this is my son who drew a picture of me in the front. he's five. although, it does have a
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striking resemblance to me, doesn't it? it's one of the most boring books you will read. it's just eye bleed boring, but i learned things about our nation and the progressive era that i prayed were not true. it didn't go here. i went all kind of other books on progressives and then i went to the progressive words themselves. and the more i read, the more sad i became. because i saw their influence. i saw what they set up. they started 100-year time bomb. they planted it in the early 1900s. mainly with this guy. woodrow wilson. one evil s.o.b. bad dude! but he wasn't alone. the republicans had their guy as well. teddy roosevelt. a guy i thought i liked. i had a bust of teddy roosevelt in my house. i use it now as a doorstop. only the real elite recognized what was going on. earlier this week i showed you that progressives mainly led by fdr and woodrow wilson
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learned how to use the media. centers of higher education. and then law school starting in the 1920s to transform america slowly, because they tried to do it quickly and honestly and out in the open under wilson. but it failed. you see, in the early 20th century, progress is were very popular. under teddy roosevelt. in the early part with woodrow wilson. until their policies really began to unveil themselves. the progress is were the people that brought us the fed. how is that working out for you? the income tax. pretty sweet, huh? the idea that they could decide what was best for you. they would control your diet and with a went into your body. does this sound familiar, transfats? they were the people who brought you prohibition. the final straw on the progressive era when they decided to bury it was when woodrow wilson decided this war could be the war to end all wars. remember that? didn't work out, did it? they said it would end if
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there was just a giant global power. woodrow wilson wanted the league of nations. something americans rejected. not at first, but only after a long debate. woodrow wilson got in the depate and took a train across the country to drum up support for the league of nations. while in colorado, he collapsed from exhaustion, but he continued his speech. that eventually led to a stroke. for a long time no one in congress even saw him because he was so debilitatdebilitated, really wasn't in charge of his faculties for the last two years of his administration. his wife actually held the pen in his hand and then signed the bills. before the stroke, he was on a tirade. he thought american people were too stupid to understand. does any of this sound like today? he didn't want what he perceived was god's will thwarted. and he it won't be.
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so he pushed against the american will. he swore in the end god's will would be done and there would be a global league of nations. well, he went on and then came a couple of other presidents and then fdr and then the war. the seeds he planted grew in the '20s and '30s, grew in the new deal and huge disconnect from the america the founders understood and established. finally, after world war ii, the united nations appeared. what is interesting is the progressives. how they applied the hard lessons they learned from the league of nations and they applied them in their efforts to bring about the united nations. it was the same group of progressives, but this time there was no debate. what did they learn? they learned they couldn't win the debate with the people so there wasn't one. no debate.
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so they started a massive p.r. campaign. think of this with global warming. the debate is over and a p.r. campaign, using celebrities and politicians. they would indoctrinate or destroy their opponents. anything and everything, but debate with their opponent. does this sound familiar to anybody? progressives are using it. he hillary clinton says this. >> i prefer the progressives, which has a meaning going to the 20th era. i consider myself a modern progressive. >> glenn: read up. this will make your brain hurt but read it, please. there was nothing really american about progressivism. other than it was really started here. but its roots are from europe, which is weird. because while we were studying with people like woodrow wilson we have to be more like europe, the europens were looking to america. the statue of liberty was not
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built with motivation to thank america. the motivation of those who built it in france not a tribute to us. it was an encouragement to france to be more like america. you know the painting that now sits in the metropolitan museum of art. this is a copy of this painting of george washington. crossing the delaware. it was painted by an american born german. as an inspiration to encourage germans to be more like americans. while all of that was happening in europe, while they said look overseas to what they're doing over there the progressives were saying the same thing. here in america, look overseas to what is happening in europe. they were studying the european way. the elite were teaching their philosophies now in our universities. they were teaching the philosophies of neche and marx and the progressives flourished in it. i get a lot of heat for
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bringing up fascism on this program, but the roots of progressivism leads to fascism. the early progressives were for the fascists in the earliest 20th censuturcentury. read history. call me all the names you want but read history and show me why i'm wrong. the reason i bring up hitler so much of the time, because what he did, many of the things had their roots, their seeds here in america. the biggest example is eugenics which led to extermination camps. this was a progressive idea. not the exteerm nation camps but eugenic -- extermination camps but eugenics which led to the camps. progressives in america thought they were superior. and it was the stupid people that were just slowing us down. hitler took it to the next level as did stallen. progressive tactics haven't changed much since then. what do they do? watch. they build a structure and then they make it so darn complex that people don't
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understand it. then they avoid debate. they have to move quickly and silence any dissents. if they can't silence you, theyen dock trinate you but if that doesn't work they'll destroy you. again, does any of this sound like today? we see this in the work and tactics of this guy, saul alinsky. watch this. saul alinsky said the man of action views the -- >> glenn: wow! that is incredible to me. but you don't have to go all the way back to the 1960s.
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robert creamer, convicted felon according to david axelrod wrote a blueprint for the healthcare. this is it. he's a convicted felon. he wrote this in prison. what did he say about destroying your enemies? well, he wrote about me. it is important for the targets of the smear machine -- that would be me -- to push back and use whatever kind of means we can to prevent him for continuing these kind of reckless charges. they know they can't bribe me. they can't silence me, they can't indoctrinate me. i'm a living human being that uses my brain and i try to find the answer wherever the truth may lie. so all that's left is destroy me or you if you think like me. you see them doing this in congress to their own people. what amazes me about healthcare this has not been a debate. >> we stand here another the finish line, as we stand here, we're not standing alone.
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we stand with those who blazed a trail ahead of us, tireless champion of healthcare reform from president roosevelt to our good friends who is with us in spirit, ted kennedy. this is why we came here and hired up for jobs, to pass something historic and important like this. >> glenn: very historic. starting with theodore roosevelt, a progressive. notice he wasn't referring to the g.o.p. there, because they weren't invited to this. even though there are progressives in the g.o.p. they can't stop it. the g.o.p. can all vote no, but they can't stop it. the struggle has been within the democratic party. the traditional democrat and the radical uber progressives. how did they bring the democrats together with the democrats? how did they do it? well, it's easy, toal the things we learned in the early 20th century. like hillary clinton said. first, there were the bribes. >> a deal has been cut in senator reid's office as the deal was cut with the
2:15 am
pharmaceutical companies and the deal was cut with the ama and the deal was cut with the hospital association. >> i don't know what the deal was, but we'll find out what the deal was, just like the deals were cut with -- >> tell the senator what the deal was. >> full of lobbyilobbyists. i can't walk down the hallway -- >> does the senator want to hear the deal? >> if he keeps interrupting, he's violating the rules of the senatism thought he would have learned them by now. >> glenn: $300 million for land, sugar, seiu, doctor fix, the deal that obama made with the evil department suit call companies -- evil pharmaceutical programs. we broke the story about the nea who were called by the white house to use federal dollars through arts endowment to create arts for healthcare. please! they denied this. until we played the tape. >> this is just the beginning. this is the first telephone
2:16 am
call, brand new conversation. >> we are learn thousand bring the community together to speak with the government. what it look like legally. we're trying to figure out the laws on putting government websites on facebook and use of twitter. it's being sorted out. we're participating in history as it's being made. so bear with us as we learn the language so that we can speak to each other safely. >> glenn: speak to each other legally and safely. the white house said it's just that one guy. until we played the tape. >> office of public engagement at the white house. the office does outreach to communities all across the country. >> glenn: buffy wigs works
2:17 am
for valerie jarret. she mention had had that. jarret is the woman that the president calls family. no matter how many times they say i'm crazy and making things up, it's hard when you hear their voices or see their faces as the words are coming out. they say we're not engaged in indoctrination. really? here it is. beck attacks sergeant and nea on the fox news talk show accusing the agency of propagan propaganda efforts similar to used by nazi germany. do you know who nazi germany learned propaganda from? this man. this man in world war i. if you read the words of gerbles, they learned propaganda from us. back to what she was saying or what the blog was saying. now sergeant has been tossed overboard, making him beck's second victim in his campaign to rid the administration of perceived radical socialist
2:18 am
communist, fascist, anarchist and other manner of nefarious influences. boy, yeah, he hate to have those people do gone. they say they haven't done it. but this is art created with your tax dollars through the nea. healthcare for all. indoctrination and bribe. >> and bribes. the final pieces of the puzzle, glenn spelled out all week. they will try to silence you. if that doesn't work, they will try to turn the politics of destruction. glenn pointed out last night that candidate obama promised a new era of positive politics. but we have seen some nasty attacks under his administration. attacks on the left, from the left. and they even went after -- ready for this -- senator joe lieberman's wife when they did not like what the senator was saying about healthcare. as we saw during the tea parties and town hall meetings, they will mock you, ridicule you, put you down and try to forget you. but don't worry, we are still
2:19 am
listening to you. when the left might want to reconsider fdr as their hero next. qlú ñ2x
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sometimes when you want to understand what is going on in the world today you have to look back at the events of the past. we're doing that. a new book out about the 32nd president, franklin roosevelt talking about a massive cover up in his time in office called "fdr's deadly secret." coauthors eric setman and dr. steven lamazio are here now. welcome to the program. what was his deadly secret, doctor? >> the deadly secret was a melano melanoma, malignant skin
2:23 am
tumor, which all probability me tas te sized to his brain and bowels and made him ill in 1944. >> did he and his doctors reveal anything to the public? >> absolutely not. that's why we call it the deadly secret. >> is there physical evidence of the melanoma? if we were to look at the pictures at fdr at different portions in his presidency, might we see this mark on his fa face? >> yes you might and i wrote a paper with the leadi ining dermapathologist that shows that. >> what are we looking at on the screen? >> the last image you saw was august of 1940. this is a later picture probably around 1942 or 1943. surgically adjusted? >> well, we have no evidence of that. but there is no -- there is absolutely no other medical explanation. >> what are we looking at now? when is that? >> august 1940. you can see a scar in the
2:24 am
lower -- on the bottom of his eyebrow. you can see -- >> what is the mark above the eyebrow? it looks like it's a little charcoal or dust, but what is that? >> that is what any dermatologist today would recognize as a highly ma l ligameli -- ma ligament potential. >> why didn't the press notice this in the '40s? >> they just dismissed it as one of roosevelt physical characterist, and refer to brown blob above his eyebrow. >> 99% were guys at this time in the press but why they didn't say let me show you this picture to a doctor and see it's more than an ink smudge. that type of curiosity of search for the truth was not prevalent in the white house press corps when fdr was in the white house? >> no, it was a different time. first of all, you had a press corps that was overwhelmingly
2:25 am
pro-roosevelt. the people who did investigate rumors about roosevelt's health tended to be members of the anti-roosevelt press corps, republican, isolationist, conservative papers. and when they wrote things, it generally got ignored by the rest of the press. >> a life ofdy septi ddy -- lif deception. mistress and first lady. mistress with him when he dies, not the first lady. people come plots in the lie, doctors and the like. how did he get away with it? >> he was the most powerful man on the face of the earth. he began in 1921 trying to make sure that the public would not elect a crippled president so he did everything he can to perpetuate the image he wasn't crippled. >> is c deception contagious? if you get away with it do you do it more? >> he got away with it in spades.
2:26 am
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reading them. join me at the top of the hour for "special report." >> oh, what a week we have all just endured. while the democrats were rewriting the federal take-over of healthcare behind closed doors, the public face of the federal government was fixated on
2:31 am
denying and then explaining all the gaps in its intelligence gathering. the obama administration has been finger pointing over who in the government let a murderous thug on a plane in amsterdam that he tried to explode over detroit. first, the government said that the system worked. then the president said it didn't. then he announced that the intelligence communities and security people would start to talk to each other so the bad guys could be kept out. weren't they supposed to be doing this all along? newark liberty airport last sunday, tsa agent left his post and a young man walked past it in order to kiss his girlfriend cowb goodbye. the young man turned around and left the secured area and left the airport. so far, no harm, no foul. but because the government surveillance cameras in the airport didn't work, the feds panicked and ordered 10,000 passengers to leave the terminal to go out in to the 15-degree newark, new jersey cold evening. and then re-enter the airport.
2:32 am
flights were delayed and missed. kids did not get to school on monday morning. and soldiers were listed as awol. all because the government overreacted to a kiss. this humiliated the feds. new jersey's 86-year-old senior senator laudenberg demand the guy kissing his gal be hunted down and prosecuted because of the chaos he caused. he caused? let's see. the government has cameras that watch us every time we scratch our noses. and when the cameras don't work, the government blames the person whose picture it was supposed to be taking? c'mon! all this, of course, brings out the false argument of liberty versus security. we hear it from the progressives that the government must take our freedoms to keep us safe. that's hogwash. freedom is our birthright. it doesn't come from the government. it's part of our humanity. america is the only country in the history of the world dedicated to the truism we're
2:33 am
endowed by our creator, as jefferson wrote, with certain inalienable rights and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. the government has forgotten basic civics. endowed from our creator means the rights come from god, not the feds. inalienable means we and the freedom with not be separated unless we're convicted by a jury of violating someone else's rights. what is the value of being safe if we are not free? did our forefather free the kings and december s of europe ? did patrick henry say give me safety or give me death? here is the mistake that the big government progressive crowd wants to thrust upon us. they want us to balance liberty and safety. there is no such thing as balance when it comes to freedom. we will not trade freedom for anything or balance it against anything. we certainly won't give it up to the tsa.
2:34 am
can the government keep us safe? i don't think so. i think airline travel is safer today because pilots have gun, cockpit doors are like bank vault and passengers have become courageous. all of this was done by individuals in the private sector. and not by the government. i said it before, i'll say it again. if the feds had not stripped us of our natural rights to keep ourselves safe by keeping and bearing arms, 9/11 would never have happened. would have about letting the airlines decide who gets on their plane rather than tsa worker who leaves his post? if industry competes fur you business, you fly where you want to and fly in comfort and safety and do it at a competitive cost. if the government runs the show you stand in the cold night for six hours because of a kiss. the government can't deliver the mail, it can't operate security cameras at an airport.
2:35 am
i can't pay back its debts and it can't tell the truth. that would be the same government that now wants to manage your healthcare. for more of a look how the government is intruding in the private sector bring in the economic round table. stuart varney, fox business network incor. nick, from reason tv and harry binswaner, associate with the nran institute. can the airlines keep us safer than the governmegovernme? >> you lawyers are part of the problem with respect. lawyers are. what i'd like to see at airports is the privatization of the security system. got it. okay. i'd like to see security agents be in a position to operate discretion. to make subjective decisions about who gets on the plane and who doesn't. in america, you can't do that because of lawyers. you'd have a lawsuit immediately. >> nick, can the private
2:36 am
sector keep us safer than the government can? i realize this has been a bad week for the government. the type of thing that happened over detroit and the nonsense in newark doesn't happen every week. but it's an example of government excess and dropping the ball, isn't it? >> well, it also hasn't been a great year for the private sector either. partly because the private sector often entwines itself with government. and in airports, you know, part of the problem, one of the reasons why more people fly now than they did 30 years ago is because airline ticket prices were deregulated. but the second half of deregulation never happened in the united states. it has happened in europe. but the airport should have been privatized long ago. and they're not. they are still government entities. the air traffic system is still a government entity and they are lagging behind where the deregulated part of the system goes. sure -- >> harry -- thank you. harry, you're in los angeles. if you had to come to new york, you'd probably fly. would you feel safer the city or the county of los angeles operated that airport? or if the airlines that have invested billions in their
2:37 am
assets operated that airport and decided who could get on the planes and who couldn't? >> private companies buy far do a much better job at practically everything. in this case, i think the fundamental, though, is we should be attacking them militarily. on offense, not hunkering down in defense and subjecting the citizens to being treated like cattle. >> i want to get into the $160 billion borrowing. >> let me go straight to it. >> next week the government is planning to make the largest acquisition in the debt market that it's ever made. it is going to go out and look for $160 billion. "a," what does it have to do to get there? "b," can it raise that kind of money? >> yes, it can raise that kind of money. the question is what price? it will put out bids in other words. who is going to lend us the money? they're hoping that tons of people want to lend a great deal of money. they will lend $160 billion.
2:38 am
but, there is risk involved. risk that the government somewhere down the road won't be able to repay, so those lenders will demand a higher price and higher interest rate and it becomes more expensive for to us borrow. >> harry, how long will it take the government to spend $160 billion? >> by the end of the afternoon. there won't a solution to the debt problem until the government gives up the idea that people have a right to be taken care of by other people's earnings. the doctrine of need as a claim, that i as an object jectionist challenge here, not just the debt. >> gillespie, the big government progressives in both parties have succeeded in moving the fulcrum of the debate from whether the government should take care of us, to how the government should take care of us. harry makes a very, very interesting point. why don't we debate, or why
2:39 am
are there so few voices except for perhaps the four of us and glenn suggesting the issue of whether the government should do this is a moral and constitutional issue that should be explored, nick? >> there is a debate going on. it's not happening in congress. it didn't happen in congress when president bush and the republicans pushed the medicare prescription drug benefit earlier in the off. and it's not happening now in the way it should have been. healthcare reform about tarp, about the stimulus spending. about the second stimulus spending which is ten minutes away from coming into view. but it is happening. one of the things that is heartening about the past year's political shenanigans, economic shenanigans, all of this stuff is generally unpopular among the people in america. politicians don't get it, but they are the lagging indicator of where the country is at. stimulus was not popular. healthcare reform such as it is not popular. >> nick is absolutely right. absolutely right. this plas believes in the
2:40 am
freedom from -- this administration believes in the freedom from. america tradition libl believed of freedom to. freedom to do things as individual. this administration wants the freedom from all kind of thing s. >> if they want to spend $160 billion. is it conceivable that a country would demand security for the $160 billion? might chinese say give us mortgage on yellowstone national park? >> that's inconceivable but you're getting at down the road when we borrow up to the hilt, the lenders won't lend. >> harry, is it conceivable lenders won't lend? even though the american government usually pays back its debt, albeit in cheaper dollars. >> certainly, because they don't want to receive the cheaper dollars. i think in the near future there will be shifts out of the dollar into gold as the reserve currency. at least unofficially, if not officially. the chinese are at the tipping point now, i believe. >> well, harry -- the government and the united
2:41 am
kingdom, its debt rating has already been questioned. it's only a matter of time before the same thing happens in america if we spend and borrow like we are. >> nick, before we go, what kind of political headaches will the president have if the senate version of the healthcare bill passes and everyone who receives healthcare from their employer has to pay an income tax on the value of that healthcare? >> this is going to be a huge problem. you know, hopefully it will sink, it will sink this reform. but it will be a huge problem because it will be hitting middle class people in a big way. it will completely rip the lid off the idea that there was not going to be a tax on the middle class. coming from the obama administration. which may then spark a revolt or rebellion and actual discussion. and maybe, just maybe we can get a healthcare reform bill that actually would bring the market into healthcare, rather than just paying off insurance companies, drug companies, and political hacks. >> we won't hold our breath. nick gillespie, harry bi
2:42 am
binswanger, stuart, thank you for joining us. not just the economy, but threat from terrorists. yes. next.
2:43 am
>> okay, everyone, we have a lot to cover this morning. tim should be here any second with the latest budget numbers to -- uhh, take us through the initial...
2:44 am
schedule... for production and... >> ouch. >> this is one way to avoid getting the h1n1 flu virus. >> oopsie daisy. >> all right. good morning! let's get this meeting started. >> for some better ways, visit [man sneezes] [groans] [groans]
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are the policies of this progressive government leaving our national security open to terrorism? here are michael sh shoyer and mix. michael, first to you. we talked about this on the radio show i share with brian
2:46 am
kilnme. is john brennan up to his job? is he a person by temp perment, experience and judgment capable of being the chief intelligence official advising the president of the united states? >> my experience with brennan is a long one, not a close one, so i'm not unbiased observer. my observation over the course of his career that he mostly made his career by kissing other people's behinds. i don't think he is a person who is going to tell the president something the president doesn't want to hear. but he is a person who will flag the line of the president. whether it's closing guantanamo, or, you know, any other thing. he's dependable in that regard. >> is he correct when he says it is impossible for the government to keep us absolutely safe? >> it is impossible for the
2:47 am
recent governments we've had because they don't really care, sir. we have spent this whole week convulsivulsed over air securit for example. it's important to have air security. but the enormous number of miles, 5,000, 6,000 of open borders and seacoast seacoas s exactly what al-qaeda wants to us do is stay focussed on air aviation security so they can use the rest of the country to come and go as they want. >> mark, can the tsa keep us safe? >> well, i believe they can. one of the issue in the department of never let a good crisis go to waste is whether or not they'll be unionized and whether president obama will make good to the promise andy stern o the seiu is whether the government employees will be monopoly union. >> and bush caved in on the
2:48 am
recommendation that was given to him when he fought to keep unionization happening. it's possible under the law that the guys could be unionized. would they go on strike? >> well, the law will say it's illegal to strike, but let's go back to 1981 when air traffic controllers walked off the job in violation of stat the federal law. president reagan gave them 24 hours to go back on the job and he enforced the law and said you're all fired. now they say they won't go on strike, because the law says they can't. what we find in many strikes, most of which in the public sector is illegal, they ask for amnesty as condition of coming on to the job. it's unacceptable in this area where national security is at stake. >> they usually get it. mark and michael, stick with us. more with our guests whecccc
2:49 am
2:50 am
2:51 am
>> back with mike shoiier and
2:52 am
mark mix. michael, the president of the united states nominated a fellow by the name of erroll southers to be the head of the tsa. he's a former fbi agent, recently admitted that as an fbi agent he went in and he looked at and removed a secret criminal records on his ex-wife's boyfriend. is a person like that qualified for a national -- there he is. is a person like that, with a background like that, admission like that qualified to receive a national security clearance? s>> i think it depends on which department. certainly at the agency, they would be unlikely to grant individual clearance, sir. >> so he probably should haven't a job where you have to have national security clearance? >> i would think so. he would have access to an extraordinary amount ofdy the about individuals -- of data about individuals. but i think the other guest is far more qualified to talk about that. >> my other guest. mark, you know this. he is in favor of the union of the tsa.
2:53 am
that's probably why the president nominated him, right? >> actually, judge, he's not saying. that's one of the issues surrounding the nomination in the senate. senator jim demint of south carolina asked the nominee a question about wlosht he favored the unionization of the tsa employees, notwithstanding their role in the national security infrastructure and the gentleman didn't answer the question. senator demint put a hold on the nomination and frankly still waiting if for the answer. but it's clear it's not the nominee, here. this is the president of the united states who will probably tell the nominee you'll agree to unionization of the employees when you get confirmed. again, using the crisis, harry reid said the only way to keep americans safe in the air traffic system is nominate the guy and confirm him right away. >> right. without a federal background. michael, you scared the daylight out of thus morning on radio when you said al-qaeda might actually be channel stuffing. stuffing hour security forces with false information in order to clog the channels of
2:54 am
intelligence. could that be? >> yeah, the president really clogged up the system last night. he's now chasing down every lead that comes in, and judge, the number of leads that come in each week to the c.i.a. and the intelligence community is sastronomicaastron. you have to have some discretion where you spend your resources. but president created a situation where to cover people's behinds, they will chase down every single lead. if we get a lead that says osama is on the beach at rio, someone is going to be devoted to that. more important from my perspective, is the president laid out our m.o.. we're now going to chase down every threat. al-qaeda listens to that. i think what we will see now is a surge around the world of people walking in to our embassies, of sending notes, and the threats will become squall like. >> michael, mark, thank you for joining us.
2:55 am
don't misour spe miss our specie constitution next week. constitution and human freedom. a five-part series on fox right back. ut
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
>> we started out by saying what a week this has been. america, do you see wha happens when we rely on the government too much? it get authoritarian, and we get weak. aut
2:59 am
our children grow to expect from the government what we once did for ourselves.s. government is a fearful master. it is not faithful to us. it is not truthful to it can't produce for it doesn't obey its own laws. it doesn't keep us safe, andandt it won't leave us alone. it is mortgaging our futures. we know it is raising our of taxes, and it treats all of us adults and children alike, ifere we were babies.challge challenge it at every turn.he g expose the government to your to friends and your foes. ery about e everyone you know about what you just heardw andad saw and about what you see and e hear every day on the glenog beck program, and return no one to the government who hasnt stolen your freedom. and one other thing, the god g who gave us life also gave usli freedom. u he loves praise him from the rooftops.of ask him to save us from as

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